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So long Mozilla, and thanks for all the fish* - June 2012

If you are here looking for any of my add-ons (SyncPlaces, SortPlaces, CheckPlaces or SearchPlaces) then I'm sad to inform you that these are no longer available.

Unfortunately I do not have the time or the motivation to continue to support these in light of the organisation that Mozilla has become. Apparently spending 1000's of hours promoting their products and providing add-ons to fill the gaps in their product and repair bookmarks destroyed by Firefox Sync, counts for little and does not deserve any flexibility or support from them. Whatever they may claim, add-on developers are actually second-class citizens that are seen as obstructing the development of Firefox. Surprising, as many like myself believe that add-ons are the main USP of Firefox. I've seen many popular and useful add-ons die as authors give up trying to keep up with their constant changes or just get hacked-off with their holier than thou treatment. The stats appear to reflect this misjudgement as the use of Firefox is in decline, no doubt driven in part by users moving away as their favourite add-ons disappear, or former add-on authors suggest alternatives to family, friends, and colleagues.

My decision was taken after a series of problems with them the last one being the final straw. I will not be answering any further emails on this matter as I do not wish to waste any more of my time on this. Also, as I no longer wish in any way to promote Mozilla's products, I will not be hosting or providing these extensions to anyone.

Thanks for all the emails of support. Unfortunately, too many to respond to individually. Thanks also for the many positive suggestions as to where my time and effort may be more appreciated and I am already investigating several of these.

*This is a reference to what the dolphins said to the humans just before the humans were wiped out. From my favourite book: HHGG

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